Cramming right now because I’m looking at a solid two

Is there a link available to the handouts referenced in the video?

(He came here from Mr. Bruff ๐Ÿ™‚

Well said kll510. The problem isn’t the older systems not keeping up with modern students. It is modern students & their lack of self-discipline, brought about by their parents ineptitude.

In my worldview morality is subjective and because of its subjectiveness there is no right & wrong.


10. – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Well, some parts are real af but anyway this video is made for retarded people who dont realize that our age is the best ever and people who cant enjoy life with peace and in democraric country are still talkin shit bout everything, ok we destroy our planet but you just talking shit and provide no solution man, our economy grows and if we dont work, if we dont build of we dont learn from books in school our society would be fcked up very soon, so stop complaining bout every shit you aint in touch with and enjoy your life cause this man kind have done amazing thing to move us forward and you still dont realize that world cant be best for everyone, life aint fair world aint fair bur anyway I bet my shit that the author knows shit bout economy sociology and stuff so guys please god bless you and enjoy your amazing life and dont listen to shit videos which talk bout problems but without providing solution, there are things that cannot be changed and couse od them we live so great

Any philosophy that scrutinize ‘Truth’ is a moron.

I only have one Question

Thank you really

(18 U. S.C. ยง 1519.) from 2 to 10 years in the slammer. Sweet.

Know this, bigotted Indian: the world is ever changing: doors which were open to you in U. S. (which gave u that success) will soon close. We are changing our Visa laws to lock out arrogant Aryan-supremecist and Indian-supremecist bigots. AND, pushing to boycott all U. S. corps being clients to Indian companies. There comes a time when sharks get Ripped Apart and eaten by Killer Whales, bigotted slime.

“When you’re buying books, you’re optimistically thinking you’re buying the time to read them.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Every face is in me.

Hears a scream keeps going wtf

Next up: Why Kyle Broflovskis family has an accent.

Can yield any practical results in terms of actual insight into homosexuality.

I love the movie we are more alike than different thank you

Love it!! Maybe he should have had the actual books in his hands when reading the quotes, not so obviously just one (with a note in it, of course). Minor detail, but somehow it still bugs me…Anyhow, please do more of these!!

Spanish subtitles needed.

So much love from the Philippines!

Individualities and even individuals are fully irrelevant.

You won’t manipulate me to think thug is a genius. Lmao


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