I want the transcript of this speech

I know that entire vowel chart, mainly because i already have studied extensively on linguistics.

@Rammstein2720 It’s also about how despite struggling through college, the education system in America is slowly failing. Why? You’re in debt after graduation. Hard to find jobs. No matter what kind of valedictorian you are, chances are you won’t help solve any problems the world has except your own. Education exists to give us a chance at a better life. The world’s problems are not caused by us but it is our problems. Can’t solve them no matter how smart. Therefore what is accomplished?

This is not what Invisible Hand is. What Smith discover and what Invisible Hand really is that from selfish interest of one benefit whole society.

Watched a few YouTube videos about rick and morty being broken down but no one I’m aware of ever talked about the scene in “a rickle in time” when morty in a different dimension tells rick about him drinking a lot caused morty to become uncertain in his decision which then caused time to split even more.. I felt that was a real important scene to Morty’s character development

This way of learning GS is more convenient and useful

Thanks for useful IELTS tips. I don’t know that how to start introduction sentences. I had read many essay and most of first sentences is an passive voice. Please send your reply.

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney

(I dont want to be an attntion-whore though, just writing this because of peer pressure XD)

GDP encourages waste and lack of resilience, but we still use it as our primary indicator of economic success?

The first is not a matter of choice. The situation has only two forced outcomes—this is why it is much easier to choose the lesser harm.

Prof, I am a safety professional with a leading oil & gas company. Can u enlighten me what is the benefit for me to obtain a MBA. Btw I’m 28years old & living in Singapore.

Who else speaks Swedish? Anyone? No? Ok. Im a Swedish weirdo.

I’ve been waiting for someone to say this forever dawg

Hav you ever considered as a american he has more of a relationship with the foriegn policy of that country as its his tax helping to fund these wars than any other country, you surprised he is more concerned with his own country?

Sir ye subject ka numerical vi sikhaeyena tomorrow is my exam plz help me

Why am I openly annoyed by this guy’s shirt?

My language meaning greek has 4 cases Nominative, Accusative, Genitive and Vocative (which is basically used for names when they are being called)

I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me – [Will Grayson, Will Grayson] – by John Green & David Levithan

People go “Oh, Iron Man!” when watching e. g. Avengers simply because they saw last Iron Man movie, they don’t even need to necessarily have consumed Iron Man comics or cartoons as kids.

Good stp bro. kp it up. vry good.

Excellent teacher!

I know this is a very serious topic but I can’t stop thinking about Harry Potter


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