So if i learn a programming language does all these benefits discussed here apply?

Young Thug hate will not be tolerated

Miss Emma you’re really fantastic…

Amazing very intelligent bird. RIP Alex.

It will not stay 90$, 90$ is the equivalent of what the kickstarter people paid to early exclusive alpha access, the price will drop on release to a normal non rape price

Let’s get it over 50 million this time, change is on the way you just have to begin by your self!

Ah well not a big deal. Great list, but I disagree with #1.


Hello mr. peakdavid – my research is about “exploring students’ perception to determine their anticipation toward teaming at work place.”

Audio out of sync 🙁

I think it was an attempt to make such unbelievable stories seem realistic.

A guy who has spent probably over 20,000 hours in studying languages is telling you how to do it but it’s not that simple. He has obtained those skills through dedication and time. It’s like a 100m runner telling you how to run like a pro.

I was wondering if he was gonna mention yeah Galifreyian haha

I swear by Mr Bruff too! I managed to get A*s in both English Lit and Lang thanks to him xx

Amazing video will u do more exam technique for the new aqa specification for As

The school of life shoutout for this amazing intelligential resource, it’s up to us all to apply and experience.

My hand writing change every second😯


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