Meanwhile, I once needed to google “when’s the 6 o’clock news?”

Well, those 7 speaking sins are what helped hurler to rise to power and encourage Germans to go to war

So basically life is just a huge sandbox???

Anyone knows what artificial economy means please?

Please let us stop this madness

Learn Spanish kids! ❤❤

Words cannot comprehend how beneficial yet brutally entertaining your videos are! I appreciate a of this advice; in this crisis time of college apps and sleep deprivation, a good yesReneau video really hits the spot! If there’s ever a possibility of collaboration or aid with essay writing, please let me me now! I’m aspiring and ambitious; help is NEEDED! Thank you so much for all of your videos; talent and modesty are hard to find these days! I’m glad there someone I can look to, to help me with my future!!

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When you mention about trying to break away from using P. E.E I find its always best to write out the same paragraph in multiple ways before the exam and just ask a teacher to mark them and see which structure was best

Very good thank you very much

Is there a difference in the essay planning and structure between ” do you agree or disagree” and ” to what extenct….”? or they are the same.

Could you make a Wuthering Heights video?

Mister swan can I introduce the intro about what im going to write about using commas if the three points significantly are based on the same thing?????

This prob top 3 smartest guests on this show ever…. put some RESPEK on this mans name

The only thing I like is that you go to school 3 days a year.

Charlemagne im gonna bet ur Ass up u stupid bitchasspussey #freeshkreli #forever #freeprishtina

Essentially the coming sequels need to be good, but they also need to be good in a different way. You can only unload that weaponized intertextuality once (in this case). I hope they realize that!

That american accent,, i’m dying

Own new ways to understand something. I have even been brought to tears by the


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