For advice on how to write research questions, please see my YouTube video “Choosing and Narrowing Research Topics”– For the “differences between qualitative and quantitative research,” just Google that. Conceptual framework comes after you have established the theoretical framework. Again, Google that: “conceptual framework theoretical framework”

“And if you don’t stop verbally assaulting us we will be forced to attack you in self defense”

I play dnd with his kid lol

The comments is full of coders and programmers and I’m here making squares and rectangles with JavaScript.

** Consent: Still guilty. The ‘do not murder’ principle is predicated in the ubiquitous and equal value of human life. To violate this value makes the murderer beg the question of why his life (the murder’s) is valuable enough to consume the murdered.

Had to end sometime.

Oh god no President Trump wants to bring jobs back and keep undocumented felons immigrants out of the country. lol

Thank you emma

Like you said advancement of a nation.

1. ‘the main idea of this paper is…’

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Series of unfortunate events

2: go to your 4th wall

Who the hell is this ‘linguist’ claiming he’s just talking like an everyday person? Seriously?! I’ve never spoken to anyone in my life who was that incoherent and insane sounding (excluding homeless people ranting on the corner). Even when you’re listening to his speech instead of reading it, it’s very difficult to understand what he even means. You kind if get the gist of his rambling occasionally, but most of the time you’re left scratching your head because of all the double-speak.

This video is hilarious. Vox hasn’t a clue about reading body language. lol

The guy’s voice is unbearable though

Stronghold? :c

Wow, I think this is the first time I saw a guru researcher. I like your video, It helped me translate the body language I do, I thought differently of it though I didn’t know it translated differently

This helps alot especially because I just recently finished reading the scarlet letter so it’s helps me better understand with her thesis

MAGA, sounds but is not

And there it is!

Animals have the immediate use of empathy, as it exists as an instinct. They have consideration for their young, others in their community, and empathy is also used toward the self, you can have empathy for yourself, actually it is recommended. With the use of the tool of concept, we can expand the usefulness of the instinct of empathy. You are wrong to consider animal empathy as inferior to humans, they only lack conceptualization, if anything our empathy is inferior to theirs.


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