One of my favorite TED talks ever.

Good job on pronouncing Eliade. It’s just that Micrea is pronounced more like Meer-cha not Mir-ka

So… 7+2 is 8?

I’m glad I was born now so I could enjoy this time on earth, so if I was born years and years later I won’t have to suffer the pollution and wars

Gotta respect the evil lol

Silent weapons for quiet wars

Assertion (A) : The quantity of a product demanded invariably changes inversely to

2. Look at the cost of medical insurance in 1986, compare it to today. ($100/mo -> $865/mo)

This is so gay….i rather go to my econs class! haha

All of this doesn’t really matter.

So if I have the money up front it’s probably more profitable to rent a property.

Bs its all bd

“Is that a straight white male”

This is a cool looking game. It reminds me of when I had to write a few assembly programs dealing with registers and doing math operations. Those were the days seeing all the different outcomes different students got by making tiny mistakes in their code. 🙂

In Iran, Reza Shah is mostly remembered for his modernization projects than for his dictatorship.

I’m surprised by your contention that in most academic writing, (for example in the Humanities), you should use the active voice. Have you any evidence from respected Universites that this is the case. Thanks…

You are amazing

I am surprised you guys did no use Homo Deus as reference book for this video.


Could you do a video relating to comparisons? like how each poem compares with another poem like what themes and how exactly they are alike or not alike (:

OMG! I GOT 260 POINTS AND I’M 19 YEAR OLD its true.👍


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