I think not!

Never gonna let you down

“You and I should spend more time together.” [Correct]

I just bought one of your shirts!

Good job

Career based on daddy issues

Sure, Tim. Just go to one of the YouTube video grabbers. KeepVid is one I like. It will download any YouTube video to your desktop.

Did he just say, “gooder”?

“Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal”

Bradbury’s work is amazing!

Amazingly well done

None asked for the best thing of this video? What is the name of the TUNE??? Thanks xxxxx

I really love this im gonna do my english final exam based on this.

All I Know Now, by Carrie Hope Fletcher, and

She is mentally ill, she needs me because I’m everything she has. And the same goes for me, I would kill to protect her.

(I dont want to be an attntion-whore though, just writing this because of peer pressure XD)

Stop taking everything they say so serious they definitly dont mean that lifes meaningless he drunk also

This video showed up when i was downloading 4gb of ram memory

I kill u, I kill u all

Buddhism never confronts the question of Origin or destination(where we go when we die) :-/


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