And then there’s Marquees Brownlee using red for YouTube videos.

It must first of all be explained by new generations of gay academics and emerging gay anthropologists,

Question,” which was published in 1844. Marx asked:

What about Fahrenheit 451 like wtf

The thing is not that female sexualisation = oppression. The thing is that female sexualisation is often the same as objectification, which does hurt women. Margaret Atwood’s poem “Male Fantasies” from The Robber Bride really sums it up – you feel like you’re constantly under observation to perform as sex icons such as Kim Kardashian perform, for the gratification of men even if, like me (a lesbian), you aren’t attracted to men: you’re still programmed by a society that proliferates images such as those on that guy’s shirt to crave male approval. In image, yes, but also if we propagate the idea that men approve of women who fit the roles assigned to women, roles firmly of STEM, it becomes increasingly difficult for a women to be taken seriously in anything outside what is perceived to be her role.

All of them still go by Kinsey, or if they don’t, won’t critique this creepy weirdo,

Midterms next week. >.<


He’s right about the coup thing. The clergy DID stage those demonstrations…this is actually taught in Iranian history classes.

The best ever. Thanks a lot

Also: zwische de Baa (between the legs) ~ zwischen den Beinen

There was no julius ceasar

Sir why we are taking demand on x – axis and price on y axis?….there is a rule that we have to take independent variable on x – axis and dependable variable on y – axis.


That Matt guy looks like he is stoned.

Does anyone know what language he is writing in?

The best music to start studying

Run for prize

Thanx alot you have solved my problems 🙂

Young thug is cool once you figure out what he’s saying

This video shows how the u. s. And europe are doing rn.

Thank you from Hong Kong!

All these mental doc’s always exploit the most extreme cases! don’t most institutions have a special building for extreme case and where the patients of botched lobotomies live??


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