A video tutorial on interpreting body language probably needs bodies in motion whose language can be interpreted. Just a suggestion.

Great gujarat model

Very useful but too fast…

Self confidence is believing in yourself although you. may think no one else would

Hi liz,

You’re an amazing teacher, I have not understood anything in my introduction to econ lectures in uni. You have taught me economics and I’m so grateful. My sister even knows not to disturb me with my lessons with mr Clifford now haha! Thankyou so much!!

Whereby she is taught to be sweet and soft and gets the Barbie doll,

Yes please

Where can i find the syllabus?

Ppl are making a lot of jokes but youll soon see……..

This video is a representation of what my mind constantly thinks about.

DAS Kind hat das Spielzeug.

Would you mind if I used this Prezi in my classroom?

(2014.07.09, 18:55) i guess i’ve found the moral principles to explain why the majority voted to steer the train to kill 1 instead of 5 workers, but against pushing the fat guy down to save 5: there are two categorical principles involved here – 1. Do no harm when ppl are not in harm’s way; 2. When ppl are already in harm’s way, minimize the evil.


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