Thank u, that was great!

Personal ad? How did you create the video? That was really cool too.

I still have one question about this. Why is the firm going to produce less when there is more demand in the market, you would assume that the firm is going to produce more to reach the same revenue as before?

I am so grateful of this video. Not only did this helped me, it has helped my son as well. Explanation was so clear and concise. I just did an outline for 2 prompts in 5 minutes. This will help me pass my Praxis Test.

16:47 rawls

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Excellent video.

Psychopaths rule our world because we are divided as their ‘subjects.’ Subjugation is the result of fear, which can be eliminated en masse with widespread empathy, regardless of the minority of ‘psychopathic’ outliers. At least that’s what I’d wager.

And on the organ issues: you are aware that those things happen regardless of regulation, right? And what exactly is an “altruistic donation” and in what way is it effected by other people being paid for their organs?

Wow. simply amazing. This is really helping me with my persuasive Essay. Thank-you very much.

I’m a native Arabic speaker and I can assure you that that’s not how these words should be pronounced lol

He needs to stop fucking with the native thay did the samy to my family and i dint work we got beat for speacking are toung

BLM is a racist bullshit used by ignorant idiots to market themselves.

Utilitarianism is bullshit because there is no way of objectively measuring “happiness”. Also, there is no way of knowing what the future holds. Hypothetically, the 3 men on the boat who survived could have gone home and become murderers later, after acquiring a taste for human blood. Even if one argues that scenario would be unlikely, and that the 3 were justified, I urge them to consider the relativity of morality. Many humans view the human species as the most valuable of all animal species. This is an instinct that promotes survival. As far as I can tell, the majority of the population of any species feel this way about their own species. I personally think humans have gone too far. There are more than enough of us already and it is ruining the planet. It is time for humans to overcome our instincts and see morality for what it really is – a purely subjective concept.

Mathematicians: “Hold out beers”


7:40 The Warm Up exercises.

If we let the capitalist model run rampant there will be a small amount of people who reap the benefits. They will own the robots and benefit from the reduced costs in their business model and for a while they will realise hugely inflated profits.

Its actually motif, not motive.

@Shocker9 I’ve looked it up on wikipedia and the theory only works where the values of A and B are both in equilibrium. So there wouldn’t be any reason for them to trade at all. Hope it helps and I got it right.


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