It is interesting that Sin City and 300 are often praised for being visually faithful to the source material, while Watchman is criticized for focusing too much on being visually faithful. Perhaps this is because the writer of Sin City and 300 is also the artist, while Alan Moore was only responsible for the writing of Watchman. Perhaps it is because Watchman the comic examined so many interesting and complex subjects, while the Watchman the move only cared about the basic plot; meanwhile Sin City and 300 had relatively simple moral stories that could be completely encapsulated in a faithful 2 hr movie adaptation.

My handwriting changes every year to match some of my teacher’s handwritings.

Thanks sir

I feel like Rick has moved Morty around different universes as a baby

Awful audio/video sync

Music makes it hard to hear :<

This is perfect before the AP Exam! Thanks Mr. Clifford!

More like click “bait” get it cuz he said it should be called bait not hook

WOW! Studying for the CFA level one, that was a great breakdown!!!

You should know the behind someone’s goal before you judge them. Everyone has their reasons.

And I should have added to my initial comment that I am an orphan to boot. Trust me, everyone can do do it. EVERYONE!

How to write a critical essay i need an example 🙁

#1 is Startcraft TWO? WTF… Starcraft 1….

Supreme clientele is the best hip hop album ever

Cant hurt Szgerle or any of us for that matter. even those of us who think have it all worked out.


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