This game seemed too interactive with everything to be possible, I’m not surprised it got cancelled, but it’s a real shame.

Thank god gotg 2 & spiderman homecoming had good color grading

Someone please tell me!

Both accents are good. He sounds like he came from California in his Yankee voice Lol.

I think part of Rick HAS to believe in God in some way shape or form, but knowing as much as he does know, perhaps he feels less distant from God in terms of power and prestige and just as he treats everyone he really loves like dirt when things are same old same old, His relationship to God is just the same. The only tender moments are when he’s gotten all the malarky out of his system and its time to really St. Michael down on some last minute forgiveness.

United Kingdom (London, Northampton, Exeter)

……………… I take it that one Chapter is what took “The Lovely Bones” off the list. Otherwise, this is a good list.

I only listen to real black metal

It was very easy for me to follow you, keep going on.

If Trump is such a disaster. Why is he leading in the poles? This is what the conservatives refer to liberal double talk. He’s losing because he’s winning.

There are so many wrong things with this video, i don’t know where to start…

Can we start an essay with although?

You forgot two important indoeuropean groups, the Tocharians and the Thraco-Illyrians.

20:18 truth

>”Immersion doesn’t work”

– The Trial (F. Kafka)


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