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All of us no matter what! WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER! No matter your race, religion, or any thing that doesn’t matter! WE HAVE TO COME TOGETHER! And we must come together to fix this problem

My grandmother was from the area and had the exact same accent


The first fifteen lives of harry august

What if at the end of potion 9 nine, the Rick who died was the rick we followed with instead of a random Rick.

Though I LOVE Marvel, I have to agree with this

Free market economies = oligopolies hoarding ressources and trickle down crumbs to the mass economics

1. How does George know the illegal voting is false? He can just repeat, repeat, repeat, but he won’t get her to admit this BS. Next, the guy you are using as your “expert,” sounds like he’s retarded and bobs his head to the camera. Is that what you want KA to do? Wow, fake news is out. Vox = fake.


Can someone translate the galefreyen?

Mam….. I would want u to dislike all hippocresy comments….. cause u r da best at wat u do…… I m a private student…. I never got n e explanation or tuition….. god bless… and keep up da good work…….


This video was on another level, thank you for constantly pushing yourself to new heights.

It’s nice to see ppl speaking out about bipolar…. I suffer myself and it’s hard to explain to ppl what it is and why u act a certain way

Just Abuse Straight White Men and Shun The For Your Own Self Pleasure.

Marshal Lee I have sent you the notes and hope that they help :))

“Our inner reflection…loss of connection…has created this misdirection.”


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