What this video does not mention is that specialization can make us better off in general but when looking at specific countries it can make them worse off when their specialization is low value and prone to tough competition. Take for example gambia specialized in two things: peanuts and sexindustry, how is such a country ever going to be wealthy with this kind of specialization imposed onto them by years of direct and indirect control by outsiders and sustained by corrupt leaders tempted by cheap money offered by wealthy countries? On the other hand Iran is way more wealthy then more open countries such as gambia, Haiti or neighbor pakistan. Perhaps Iran could be more wealthy trough trade but only if they can co-write the trade-agreements and have leaders who need public support and not foreign cash to stay in power.

The astonishing life of octavion nothing traitor to the nation

Im bothered by the omission of the california gold rush. It was the largest migration of folks on the planet in several millennium. Its why the americas are a large green blob made of all the other blobs. Says alot for race, culture and growth. Also changes the stats accuracy a little.

English is a buggy, disjointed amalgam of various more or less incompatible languages. It’s a terribly hard language to learn and on of the few that has spelling bees! Linguistic evolution will take care of the rough patches. But only if we don’t cling uselessly traditional spellings and usages that don’t serve the language well.

I’m studying Mandarin right now, it’s so amazing how there were these symbols, radicals, that combine to make the actual language symbols, but also many of these same symbols in many other asian languages…

Or Bial Jalip

Makes me wonder and feel sad about how much history is lost to us just by watching the first 2 minutes of the video…. We will never know in detail how people lived….

Whats next

I have to be honest… I misread that word as intersectionality… lol

-Free markets are not always ideal, as things like human organ markets needs to be regulated by government agencies to prevent rise in black market dealings

Thank you

Smart people drop out,

Because you’re supposed to be intelligent. You’re supposed to have an intelligent president.

Dr E.

U hav great explanation skill…try to write on copy/board/notepad.

Drumpy doesn’t teach me. drump is a moron. every time he says ” believe me” he’s lying.

Rick n morty are the same person maybe?

Is the new zealand accent considered non-rhotic?


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