Just wanted to say thanks on the great efforts you guys put in completing my literature review and provide me authentic sources as my professor want. My professor was appreciated me a lot. Your service is outstanding. Thanks!

Holy shit you are stupif as fuck. You have no idea how different and inferior cultures can get.

Battle Realms??

If you just want his teachings, skip to 1:40

Omg this is amazing! Thank you!


4th comment lol

Whats an career open to those in philosophy

Very beautiful writing i am very impress

Can you do a video including fred armisen and his accents?

But really, this whole thing is just a matter of time. People in many communities are just not yet used to treating women like human beings, and it takes time to adapt.

I’m really sad that this got cancelled. It looked like an AMAZING new idea

Hey just a suggestion, because your video is not loud, I keep my speakers loud. However, the next video, always has me jumping, because the intro is very loud, so if you can make the intro sounds lower or the actual videos sound higher. Just a suggestion, if you can great, if not, it is only me with this problem.

How many kids do you want to suffer in this life… I mean, how many kids do you want to have?

Most accurate video that i saw on internet after the nature of the basic bitch for this week.

Now here’s another interesting question, if humans need not apply, what is the point of education.

If you want to point out the gender imbalance in STEM fields you should stick to those facts, not point to innocuous objects and subjective opinions and drawing unsupported conclusions from them to further your argument. It is only hurtful, and I think that people are right to criticize such a bad argument.

Saw the Gallifreyan, blanked out half the video thinking about the Doctor Who reference.

You go way too fast!

Um so i ended up watching the whole video.

So according to this, you have hurt my brain one way by confusing me in a crazy way, now there are only an infinite number of ways you can confuse me left. It’s gonna be a rough ride.

Americans are terrible at accents….


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