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This was so incredibly helpful! Thank you

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If Sanskrit was prompted instead of Hindi, there wouldn’t have been a Dravidian movement, because all Southern languages have enormous Sanskrit contribution. May be even more than that of any Northern languages. Congress sucks



Will you ever do a video about the Mongolian language? I think it is a beautiful language yet I do not have the time to learn it. I just want more information on it.

Hi, Liz my teacher told me that first you have to write related to the topic in introduction like the hook and then background statement then thesis statement

Very useful to me for my Ielts exam thank you

Kill the guy very annoying

NOOOOO!!! You idiot! It would not work if the characters were too colourful, it would look like a children’s film.


Why is trump the president when there’s people like you in this world I think you should be president

Thanks in advance

Whoever disliked this video doesn’t deserve to be on this planet.

Thanks very much for that. Sorry I couldn’t participate in the live session. To pick up on Mary’s point about the age of a person in relation to the bottleneck effect, I think we need to perhaps investigate the different needs of older learners and how they acquire a second language, and look at possible different approaches to helping them. I’d welcome any thoughts on this.

Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you liked it

Poor valume

Very usefull expectialy for peopel who have problems with speaking like me Thank you

I write in everyway


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