Problems –

Fuck! lmao I have good eye contact communication but I sometimes stare for too long and not look away 😂. Too confident 😎

Sandal makes me google so many things :p

What is an emotion?


Easy to understand boring subject

What if we all spoke the same laguage? wouldn’t this make communication easier and faster?

Can someone help me learn Spanish please? I do appreciate that if someone help me.

Hey emma,

Me: Hey Vsauce Michael here

Hetep India


He shared some good tips here. I am working on my 3rd language and was thinking of forgetting about it but this has helped me reconsider and continue.

This is not bad at all. The only thing we need to change is the base of our sociaty, money. We will need to base our economic on ressources instead. We won’t need money anymore. So, all poeple will do is learning, becoming better at what you love while machine’s running everything.

U have taken which cloth to wipe

He’s still going through it

As much as I can understand the desire to treat an illness, I think treating it too soon prevents people from having emotional intelligence which in turn makes them less likely to be able to deal with their symptoms. When it comes to depressive illnesses, suppressing such emotions immediately seems detrimental to the individual’s ability to learn and understand their condition. If your emotions are suppressed early on, how can you learn to see the onset of a depressive or manic episode? Stephen can notice patterns in his behavior now but if he were medicated as heavily as those children I don’t believe he would be able to do so easily.

Let deitys be able to fight each other i wanna see death star vs kraken god or whatever the hell that thing was. I think having an instant win is kill joy. Also could you do like a planet side DLC? that would really make this game funny

I wonder if this guy uses the D. E.N. N.I. S. system when he picks up chicks.

I just plain suck at research!

Well I know this really isn’t the point but, batman killing would actually end up in more suffering as shown in several what if stories

Sir, first of all very helpful video indeed and i request you to please upload the pictures of your note.


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