Hes like a Mr. Doubtfire

Thanks ^^ now I know how to do my project. This really gave me more infos, I love how you explained this very well. thanks again ^_______________^

Omfg please someone needs to put subtitles

0:55 Snake isn’t an indirect object, it’s an object of the preposition.

Clearly not done much programming. (neither have I) 😉

I like it so much it never gets boring!

Why is this man so attractive.. 🤤

“…It wove together history and fiction in a way that defies categorization.”

Funny how none of the books you propose can serve a student of real life insight or culture. These books are a result of someone’s OPINION about a certain THEORY that treats just SOME aspects of PRODUCTIVE LIFE. How about you use your reach and power to promote real culture through books that can infuse people with emotions, dilemmas, opinions, a critical vision of the world or a sense of never conforming for just anything? There are literally thousands of real books waiting out there to be read and teach us lessons and you propose self-help trash. Sometimes I wonder what kind of culture American people really have.

I trink i have to kill myself

How about thomas edison

Mam plz prepare a video relating to the important topics if different chapters. From which topic straight forward questions are asked and diff topics for value based type questions…

I suggest you guys should produce a video about Nihilism

The other day my friends and I were talking about Netflix content and this show came up. One of them said they couldn’t pass the first episode and didn’t get what was so great about it. I kept quiet because I couldn’t come up with the correct way to express my thoughts. Thankfully you exist. Great video.

Bryan: wait, why would you say it like that


There is a massive IDENTITY PROBLEM, because ‘queers’ don’t even know why they’re ‘queer’

This guy is fake Neil DeGrasse Tyson


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