Kansas State University, it says so at the end. I think you need to improve your digital literacy lol. Also I’ll remember that Americans are foreigners next time I see them about Europe.

Do we need to know this for as level macroeconomics exam for ocr

You’re right, his voice is UBER

Ollé gona no es sólo de little Inferno si no también de world of goo

@QuintessentialCraker namaste. It wasn’t that you hurt my feelings, but you didn’t allow me to correct myself before disqualifying my mental aptitude. It just seemed condescending. I don’t believe that now since you understand my error. Certainly The speaker, is fallable, but true scholastic endeavors should never be proven inerrant— rather that they allow are paradigms to grow, change as our reality grows/change. Your comment just gave it more insight and inspired us to be aware.

You should do one over Night by Elie Wiesel

This is an utterly interesting video. Thanks a lot for your time.

Can you answer this question please:

It’s driven me nuts that people just say “easter egg” when they just mean reference.

He sounds like Frank from Deadrising 1 !

Great video, and I love your channel, but this presentation needs pictures.

Python is my second language

In Case 1, both groups of workers are already in harm’s way — working on railway track are known to involve this kind of risk, so they knowingly/voluntarily work or put themselves in harm’s way. When both of them are already in harm’s way, and at the time when emergency calls for a decision to make, Principle 2 prevails, so the right thing to do is to kill 1 instead of 5. But in Case 2, the fat guy on the bridge is not in harm’s way, so Principle 1 prevails and it is not right to harm him.

Thank you.

My point is, the industrial revolution liberated a lot of minds to pursue art and other interesting things, what if the information revolution liberated us all just to enjoy life and do the things we are interested in just because we enjoy them? I know this may sound utopic right now, but that’s probably how people thought about free time before the industrial revolution.

Thanks bro i learn a lot


First u wrote in developing then at the end u wrote to developing 😐

I gotta blast your channel this is all some really good shit

What about the dragon language? (the T’huum)(or the Way of the Voice)

I am enjoying all three parts of this amazing documentary for the 6th time. I can not really get enough. i have to see all the colors, all the movements and face expression, the music of those voices and the very good songs, the words and their deep spiritualy meaning, all the high professional cut… i think i will see it all my life. Thank you so much 4 it!!!

Explains all the hurricanes and shit going on


Thanks for your videos. It’s really helpful and easily understand 🙂


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