Hahahahahahahahahahahaha it’s so stupid

Loved it! this one is so creative! i wish we had thought of this for our video.

So this is where Vladamir Putin is when not invading the Ukraine!

6 NEEDS WE MUST HAVE: 1.certainty,

JUST imagine, it’s A Scientifically Proven Fact there is a planet out in space similar to Earth. It also has the qualities to have life on it, however No life was found. But that’s just what we are ‘told’

Warcraft 3

However we should not mix the coming of PEI with the native indigenous inhabitants of Europe….See who are the most native and ancient from the Early Neolithic…

You make it look so easy

AP Hillmon: What is the majority of muslims in Iran?

Very good…sir can you plzz make history videos as well?

Yeah i know but this is for informative essay or argumentative

Very helpful, thank you 🙂

Childabuse ffs

Only 1 minute in and already the message is corrupt. Using politically correct language like “privilege”and “problematic” serves literally no purpose other than as a show of faux virtue. Notions of civilization are problematic… yeah, sure, tell me which you would prefer to live in – a mud hut in the African savanna or London, for example?

As an educator for the New York City School system for the last thirteen years, much of What Chomsky says here rings true to my ears. Education is supposed to be about the student, not the nation. Making it about the latter gets into the just the type of Orwellian indoctrination Noam is mentioning here. Students should focus on the skills of questioning, analyzing, evaluating, and changing society. Instead they are pawns in the political games of the egocentric.

Guys this is uploaded in 2011 WTF

I read the book

The “Noli me tangere” and “el filibusterismo”.


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