To stop yourself from being bought out by the enemy, buy your own stock

Made me question my understanding at 1:47. haha. Awesome videos. Exams in 2 days, going through all your uploads and pushing my textbook aside.

For all the talk about Harvard students being so bright, they all blatantly contradicted themselves within just two questions.

🙁 He died this almost made me cry because my african grey died yesterday

519 thumbs down are NON-human

Being forced into the flow of study > work > death and blindly following the society

2015 and this world is still so incredibly brainwashed. We are just scared children, and not very bright ones. Why else would we run around believing in fairy tales? Its mind-boggling.

I want that scientific calculator software

What the hell was the red commander doing? This was a terrible battle, no nukes, nonexistent air support, no defensive structures at all, no orbital competition, and no orbital units on the yellow’s commander’s part either. Absolutely one-sided.


@theRSAorg *Civilization (the title has a typo)

The cold truth

Having a dream/vision/fantasy of walking on his mother’s dismembered body is typically a sign of something a little more intense and problematic than bipolar….misdiagnosing something as extreme as this could be detrimental to Ian’s health and safety and also of those around him. Thankfully, his Mother seems to be a truly involved parent and a woman who understands her children struggle with something not every child does. Parents who are in denial are the worst, and sometimes an impossible, hurdle to overcome.

Mam i have vocabulary problem. what should i do to improve it bcz i don’t remeber complex words too long

I have no family members that speak as rambling and incoherently as what Trump does. Well, maybe except from my nephew, but he`s 5. This gal told us absolutely nothing, was she paid to apologize for the presidunce and his inability to speak in full sentences?

Really good!

17 cases. Finnish

Select a good topic

Sweet, you just made it easier for me to finish my report on Adam Smith

Earth 2150 moon project is still off the hook to this day


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