I want to watch the world burn.

Buddhism: when a religion without a creator is more reasonable than any abrahamic faith.

This reminds me how much i hate uneducated people

Oh yes

Yay I am creative!

I agree with the last student, I mean, you can’t kill someone to steal his money so you can feed your children who were about to die, even if the one you kill had no family. I think he is making a good point

Thank you so much for this video, and all the other videos you make. so helpful. a few of your videos taught me more than a whole semester at university! and love the tips to remember everything!

I’m going 12 at December 27 and they said 4-9

2:49 – 2:53 welcome to tumblr

Went to a shrink once….the only public shrink in my city…she arrogantly said CBT would solve all my problems….I walked out and continue to feel like dying every single fucking day

Every time Kaptain uploads the quality gets better 💙

111k people killed themselves from watching this video

Invaded and stolen by the proto-Semitic androphagi of Scandza called

He can’t rap fam

Crazy dude

Anyone know where i can buy those boots?

Great presentation…

This is an amazing way to teach theme!! My students got it and LOVE it!! Thank you so much for turning on a light bulb for both my students and I!! I will use it forEVER!!

I dont no why but I have the name lost in my head but under this name I dont find the game

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2. Stop the negative self talk. You’re shooting yourself in the foot, tell yourself “I am the greatest!”. You’ll be surprised at how much that helps you keep going.

Yes, let’s all be “free” like the Hottentots. I’d rather be a “slave” with 21st Century technology.

I found your tutorial very interesting, although I am not doing the course. Keep up the good work. Kind regards Tom West author..


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