One would expect that academics with ‘queer’ identities operating in a ‘queer’ field should have

Apparently the shah didnt know that but ayatollah did 😉

This religious of money needs a lot of dissections.

This was funny from 0:00 to 4:07 but it went real sad from 4:07 to 2021

Repetition and persistence is great if there is real talent but I disagree on the point of not accepting a ‘no’. That’s equivalent to the ‘everybody gets a ribbon’ mentality. For example, I can persist in singing and practice for 10,000 hours, but I can’t sing and someone needs to tell me no, I then need to accept my limitations and move on with grace. Self confidence needs to come from not always getting what you want but learning what you are not good at and shifting gears and being able to accept your shortcoming and figure out what you are good at. This is the issue with millennials. They don’t understand ‘no’. Suggesting that everything you write, do, perform is worth a yes is self-centered and misguided. JK Rowling persevered and Harry was born, but many writers don’t deserve to be published. Probably 99.9% of writers aren’t good enough. Should they keep trying until they get a yes? Self awareness is the goal to self confidence. Repetition and persistence is wonderful once you know exactly what you are good at. Otherwise it’s misguided.

In my opinion, Camus does not explicitly talk about making a personal meaning of life, but he does say that find what you love, what drives you, that’s almost making a meaning out of it. But yes, it’s quite different from Dostoevsky because his characters go back to an already accepted dogma, an inherent meaning.

KHALID LDN: Sure – I’ve just sent them to you 🙂 good luck for Friday 😀

Sir really you are god of commerce…. i have got good marks because of u only

Read Birthing of Worlds – James Byous

Thank you so much, very very helpful


So any nerd fighters found Tiffany?


Pitty the american people, & curse them to hell for being so ignorant!

Only for the psychotic.

this are very precious lectures..

What about Cossacks 1 or 3? (I dont like Cossacks 2)

17 minutes in at the moment, don’t know if these are mentioned later.


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