Thank you for this tips.

I have applied Halliday’s frameworks for text analyses of two narrative discourses in English and Tamil from contrastive point of view.

I hope I put that into simple terms for ANYONE who wants to contradict me by arguing in a point that has nothing to do with what I’m saying.

The phone is our owner and we own the dog taht owns the cat that owns the mouse and the mouse owns Nothing. I don’t agree with the dog owns the cat and the cat owns the mouse part, but it is what it means. (For me)

You use “or” wrong. To mean a OR b, but not BOTH, you say ‘xor’

I can’t make a value judgement about those 6 individuals lives because,

Sir, flow of goods and services across diff. sectors in barter system, which flow is it.

U r such a nice n educated person

I don’t think that sexism is the problem. People were threatened for their beliefs since the dawn of civilization, and those that failed were only those that used prejustice as an excuse for not trying. If a girl is discouraged by a shirt for not becoming a scientist, f*ck that girl because she’s not really interested in the field. Marie Curie was in a field full of men, yet lost her life in the name of scientific research. She could be like “I don’t have to deal with those d*cks judging me, I’ll be a housewife doing laundry”. Instead, she focused on what mattered. It’s a cold world (it’s always been) and we can’t really except to erase sexism in a decade just by saying how bad it is and showing our tits (which is totally OK). Oprah is a woman of color and got f*cked in the ass by life from birth. I don’t see her using the “bad world” as an excuse. Want to erase sexism? Get to work and expect nothing. Because in order for people to understand that women can thrive, the want to see women actually thriving in something that matters. Being able to demonstrate your body, might seem important, but it has no impact on humanity.

Check out a go find me page called N. A.F. T, a new take on how to oust the trump regime

Great video! I just don’t see how I can write this in a 5 page essay??? Anyone want to help me?

My man david, thanks for the clear, concise explanation.

DOES THIS VIDEO EXPLAIN About Diseconomies of scale ASWELL

Why wouldnt you just adopt a child?


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