Stay in school, kids, and you too can be pimpin’ it ripped and righteous.

Man in these contexts simply means Human. Person, or Individual.

Thanks man really helpful

Friendless Childhoods.

Dimming down the coloring might make sense in some films, but a live action movie based on a comic book should look BETTER than the real outside world!!

I need to talk to Stephen Fry

This was so helpful, thank you so much! before watching this i was totally lost of where to begin, loved the way you explained everything by making it very simple!

Word by word: I hope you have well slept)

And there we go seven deadly sins is born as a anime

Because hes a jew

It’s not the best but Island of the Bule Dolphins is a pretty great book

He ripped the dollar into 6 pieces not 5

High expectations? That’s wonderful. Firing your inferiors because they don’t meet impossible standards? Vile, cruel, unacceptable.

I learned more in this video series than in all of my marketing courses


I love how his voice for sugarplums sounds like GRU from Despicable Me.

Why would we listen to this person about anything? Why does her experience as a lesbian give her any more merit over any other person? I would say that her view on gender or bianary issues is scued and should be vigoursly disputed.

I thought women do there eyebrows to look clean 😐

Please do a video comparison between paper book and PDF

Thanks! I’ve always thought Iran/Persia to be one of the most interesting places in the world. I hope to visit Iran one day.

Did you know that when Pangaea Ultima happens the carbon in the atmosphere is going to be all gone causing plants to die to kill animals that feed off those plants and killing off anything that feeds off of the animals and/or plants.

Brennan and Clapper are a part of the swamp that needs to go.

You are an oxygen thief and a blind one at that.


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