This is my favorite BMTH song xD

Frodo’s not human, he’s a hobbit.

WTF is up with teenagers in the U. S?!! This is ridiculous. I am a teenager and this, dispite is very true, so disgusting.


Trump supporters T R I G G E R E D



At what point does the bass drop?

Improvise your defenses.

Sorry you’re so intelligent. It makes it worse. You’re trying to reason through a feeling that is deep within and lost to easy words. There’s also the truth, which you have to come to terms with. It’s a dark outlook, not handled well by many. We have to accept that some of the voices are right, and we’re hearing them because we’re at odds with reality.

Even your short videos are great!

Schools are interested in the ‘survival’ of children, not the ‘thriving’ of children.

I sorry for my comment, it was inappropriate. I did not know he was 85. I am sorry if I offended people. Just meant it as a joke, but I guess many people did not see it this way. I could see this from the negative reactions to my comment and your response. So, again I’m sorry.

Sir so law of returns to scale explain nahi kiya

Can a counselor tell me how to make my child write with love

Instead, and herein lies the trick, the focus is solely on society’s PERCEPTION of homosexuals,

The end aspired by all in silence within

My high school students created a video response finally to your awesome short. It is very inspirational as a tech teacher! THANKS!

Like Zombieland

Great format and entertaining presentation. Best one I have seen for logical process with examples. Thank You

Start reading or apply for training at the closest McDonald’s ASAP


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