+3:12 “…lean how to play…”

Ridicule straightness, dress up in drag, and perform pastiche.

And it’s easy for you to criticize unfairly, and I guess it is a mission for you to make a video like the one she did….

You’re awesome, thanks for this!


That’s why I don’t like them

He is really good at teaching

For everyone saying he was being treated poorly, read her book about him. It’s called Alex and Me. It’s a great book and it shows that she really gave him a lot of attention.

Ps civil war sucked and the story was awful compared to the original story

Now that’s a better explanation for the jesus myth then anything I’ve heard yet… Mary was a maniac

Just eat it instead of doing math with it


To explain all of human behavior but this misconception

What a brilliant talk on how English is altered all over the world! Thanks a lot!

I’ve got a pretty big test in econ coming up and you are seriously saving my ass. If I pass….I’m going to send you a pizza….with “ACDC” spelled out with peperoni

Oh fuck off. This environmentalist bullshit is exactly what we don’t need

The intelligence quotient of the majority seems infantly low.

Nice video


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