I resent her PSYCHOTIC SLURS for the HOMOPHOBIA they generate..

Listening to motivational speakers is always amazing to me because it approves that if you have a motivational speaker and media you get : “Tony Robbins” if you have a motivational speaker and a bunch of brainless people you get a ” cult” if you have a motivational speaker and a brutal army you will get a ” religion “. good thing he doesn’t have an army

4. please don’t think im not thinking


Very easy language 👌

Well what about addiction, it kind of throw up the marginal utility diminution by actually increasing

Crime and Punishment

All you have to do is stop her after the first two words, don’t let her talk frustrate her. That is the way to win over her. In order to win over women, You have to think like a woman. Not be a woman just out think this particular woman.

Thank u, u saved my life fr

Which human being dislikes this?

GOD! Even Beethoven is giving me a look that says “GIRL! Go and study!”

Anyone who loves Dizzy is alright by me 🙂

Wait, If the chococolate illusion proves that it is infinite… Doesn’t that mean that 1+2 doesn’t always equal 3? For example (As if Its the only factor) 1+1+1, But they would always be adding to each other to make up three. So 1.5 +1 + .5 (1.5+.5) + 1 = 3 So if you make that infinite doesn’t that mean that 3 COULD be the biggest number?

Ok………..right…………sounds good……..zzzzz….oh no im not falling asleep….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The novel is about how history repeats itself. That’s pretty much what he said at the end of the novel

Why did you draw a worm? XD

Very very very very very worst vedio


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