Some people seem to forget that The Force Awakens is a “sequel” to a 32-year-old movie. It was always intended to have nostalgic references for that simple fact. Also, being that it’s Part 1 of a trilogy, it allows the following films to have more flexibility. Even The Phantom Menace plays on nostalgia, but no one ever mentions that.

Why does he have a speaking impairment?

Thank you very much for such a good presentation, information provided in the presentation is much more precise, concrete, subjective and last but not the least elaborative.

When Trump speaks, he reminds me some of the street vendors I see in Asia. For instances, a watermelons sellers say : my watermelons are so sweet, if they are not, you can have it for free! But guess what, after you purchase it and taste the watermelons, they are never sweet. Furthermore, if you try to return those watermelons you bought to these people, you will not win this giant argument about the watermelons sweetness. You lose!

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Sauron does appear in The Hobbit book but is only referred to and not mentioned by name. He’s driven out of Mirkwood and returns to Mordor.

I want to kill myself but I feel too guilty. I have lived in the UK, USA, France and Australia. Nothing helps. I am waiting for death. My aunt has bi-polar and fucks know I don’t want to live a live of being sectioned and destroying everything good. Everyone thinks I am happy but I am not. Thank-you for reading.

Now let’s take the narrative to its logical conclusion. Everything is automated. No humans are involved in the process at all. Even the machines have other machines which are able to build, operate and maintain them. So what does this mean?

You’ve easily become one of my favorite channels in 2016, here’s to an even greater 2017 for you man!

Well that’s just my thought about it.

Come on, its not that difficult to solve the trolley dilemma. If I were in the trolley, I would have done my best to save myself. I already killed someon the moment I step into that trolley without brakes. It was just a matter of time, before go out of hand amd eventually killed someone. The best thing to do is to survive. Then I would dedicate my life looking after the well being of the famillier of those I killed. Sometimes the best things to do can be absolutely selfish.

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Enders game and Speker for the dead by orsan scot card. If you have read this, read the gate theif and the lost gate, also by him

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