@ Siddhartha – It would seem to me that IF the majority of India wants to enforce a cast based system the USE IT TO EXPLOIT THEM. They have set up the Dalit to do all the things they will not, ok fine – Every Dalit in India band together and STOP being their toilet cleaners for one week. ALSO increase your prices by 3000% and make it something ALL DALITS do at the same time. Use their Cast system AGAINST THEM!! If only a Dalit can do it, then make them pay for the privilege of a Dalit doing the work. The Cast system can be seen as a Union of workers. Refuse to clean a toilet unless they pay a 3000% price increase. Only a Dalit can do this. So make Dalits as highly paid as a doctor.

Fun fact Farsi-arabic uses the same alphabet as as standard arabic.

This is what you learn in 7th grade


Whats the spotify playlist called?

Shy – For some, meeting up and talking to a stranger is a daunting thing to do.

“if you tried to take what the earth provide you’ll be locked away”

Every human being should watch this

This might go viral Mr. Clifford, good job, you made me laugh. By the way, i made 70 out of 84 in my macro midterms thanks to you, hope you maintain your videos.

Applied by the Germanic androphagi to invade Europe via Celto-Slavic

We should continue to let the bots do the simple and cheap work but leave the slightly-more-complicated and the high paying jobs for humans because humans tend to do those jobs better and can make them earn living and the bots should stay because the cheap jobs are pretty, you know, CHEAP.

Pitoyable et criminel

Best way for students of economics to learn economics in detail

Despite being a native 4-case language speaker I enjoyed this very much and learned a lot.

Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim and in Islam there is no cast system. No difference between black and white no existence of Untouched..

Production 😄😄 shi hai

Your precious advice 😊😊

Meh…”authentic persona”…I think she’s a Trump supporter.


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