Min 6:48 “He’s an Irishman…” Riiiight. Fassbender, awesome Irish last name dude. The dude’s German.

By Gallifreyan at 4:56 do you mean by Doctor Who?

Awesome channel!

The ending reminds me of hot rod when andy was pronouncing the h in his sentences when he was going to go skate down hill

Btw stephen looks like a grown up dudly from hp

I read through most of the replies on here. I think that is a sensible youtube video. My brother just wants to become awesome with the hottest young ladies. He began to understand a lot from a web page called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The guidance on the subject of attracting chicks in nightclubs in the emails coming from that website gave got him his first bedroom encounters in 2 long yrs. I’ve been displeased though coz I heard them all.

Tear glands: Rebel.

You think thats an “A”? is it just me or is this aint adding up, because thats clearly a triangle

Why don’t we all stand up for this, teach people that this is wrong. Every time I see a factory puffing smoke or a car engine reving I just get mad. I’m young so I can’t do much more than tell people this isnt right but we need to stop this. This song inspires me, it should inspire everyone. So I tell you, get a Prius.

At least this shows that Chomsky will engage with whoever and that’s a lesson that needs to be learned. Whether Google learned anything is doubtful, but you’ve gotta try.

I am struggling to find the money for my gap year what company did you get the grant with??🌎

Is this video also a part of propaganda?

I got 21-29.. Im 10… ;o;

I’m doing Macbeth, and Jane Eyre

Josef Haydn.


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