3. It’s a formal paper so you don’t use contractions like “don’t” or “they’re” or “can’t” or “it’s”. You spell out both words.

Love this talk!! Very interesting!!

What song name?

I wish these videos existed when I was studying economics in High School! You guys are doing such an amazing job

They tik ir jiiib

Alain – who can I ask to get my book prescription?!

The AP is in about 2 weeks, let’s go!!!!!!!!!!

Ok at 1:02 why are we covering history now I learnt that with John green

Hold down the CTRL key when making a line, and it will stay straight.

Good explanation some of the things that we didnt no it will help from u


Does that mean this can be applied to the Universe to prove that it is infinite?

Thank you ❤

I drank milk after this

Batman is being a rule utilitarian. His whole thing is about how everyone else is corrupted and only by keeping to his rules can the peace be kept. The hero we need vs the one we deserve is all about that! The line is one of societal justice.

Vocal coach and “accent expert” uses the term “English accent”. Totally an expert…

I studied linguistics at college, and let me say, sir, this knowledge makes you *hot*.

Most of you people, you probably don’t know what I’m sayin’, hold up!


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