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Thank you!!!

Sa pue la tantouse cette chanson c’est fou

Once you master the art of, you’ll see through the lies.

This is great, but slow down. You guys talk too fast.

Let me know if you want any other topics covered cheers 🙂

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Sr chapters notes onlne avalable h ya? urgent h…..

Yas! the moment I saw this vid I immediately thought of that line in Everyday by David Levithan!!!!

1. Keisha’s Song by k dot

I understood you more than my teacher

Where are thesis statements, topic sentences and examples? You missed all these essential things.

Great story. but, here’s another. my brother, who was just watching the regular news found a story where there were a couple people n a mental hospital who spoke Klingon. So, the only way th@ the nurses & doctors & perhaps family members could ever get them 2 do anything, is if everybody spoke Klingon

It is so easy to destroy your opponent ent with planetary thrusters. if your on the same planet just build thrusters and abandon the planet and set the course to blow it up.

1:03 =( My God.

Such a shame.

Writin a story but cant become focused

I like number 5


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