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Thank you soooo much! This is very helpful

This man is a very, very smart man.

Please upload video in 720p hd


1:30 made me cry

It does not make them good people, just look at George Bush

No one said anything about utopia? Do you think we can do better or do you think our current system is the pinnacle of civilization? Two points:

Genny i just want to say i love your channel but please dont play this game

Very well explained.. 🙂

This to me reminds me of religious people being outraged and it’s sad.

Oh. nvm he said it in the video

Never gonna make you cry

I cannot concentrate with your flawless face e. e

Skin color is determined by one thing only “How close your ancestors land is situated in relation to distance from the equator”. GOD knew to make people living closest to HIS son darker, & those living furthest away lighter. This was done FOR the SURVIVAL of the human race.


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