It’s better to go with circumstantial consequences then to try and resolve them with intintional ones.

So cute when he gets mad.

If you are studying history, could you do a video on that?😊 love these, so helpful❤️

3:42 This is about me =)

Can we use both words like ”Advancement and evolution of a nation”

I totally agree with you can i follow you in twitter

4 years old and recommended

Our world is gonna succumb to overpopulation ur been blinded, come and contact me for proof, but I charge money no freebees

El amor lo es todos inmenso el canto de las aves, el zumbido del viento, la voz de la selva, la tranquilidad de una noche dormida llena de estrellas, transmites el amor de la naturaleza hacia nosotros

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

You are very beautiful and smart. This is sooo cool!♡♡♡♡

Homeworld is about Quarians? XD

Hello everyone! I need partner for improve my speaking skills!!! please my skypeID: mralisher2

Very brave to get up on the stage man, very happy for you!

Same game…

Appreciate the shirt.

People in these comments are disgusting you know who you are. One videos and it brings out all the racists on the web

Pretty sure more jobs are now in threat of being swallowed by bots.

This is called having no motivation

God and Jesus always


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