Very good video

Should analyse the difference between the color grading in tha amaz Spider-Man and the home-coming one

His mumble rapping is just an excuse not to rap

Who watched the hole video without skipping

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Nice teaching style very nice……………………

Dude, star trek impressions was very funny….lol

For example, look at the US curve they give us. Let’s say the US spends all of it’s resources making shoes. Then, let’s say that the US wants to allocate just enough resources to make 1 more plane than it currently is(currently not producing any planes). Then, the point on the curve would shift up 1 unit, and over to the left until you crossed the ppf curve(the intersection where everything is optimal). When the curve is steepest, it actually makes a lot of sense to produce more planes, because the opportunity cost is very low.

Ryan u the real mvp

I bet over half of this videos 7 millions views is from people watching it again to try and understand this amazing video. I gave it 4 views.

Lol………… she spent entire interview time in one ANSWER.

5:10 XD

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A style perfectly tailored to address and reach a broad audience the public. Despite keeping it simple he still manages to often say nothing at all. The type of TV shopping channel sales talk that his voters might be used to.

Dammit, it’s raining on my face again.

Wow, I loved this. Everyone should watch it.


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