Please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what does it mean for the US when they have a trade deficit on 722 bn dollars?

This is just crescendo bullshit, it doesn’t matter what we do, the Earth will be gone anyway, the Sun will kill it.

Become a doctor or a highly materialized business man who works in finances. Joking of course. You might want to take a personality test and see where your strengths and flaws are cornered and where they overlap.

AMT proponents which undermines AMT.

I can already see corporations crash to the floor because their worker bots were hacked hahaha!

This ultimate “M&A” will thus totally defeat the constitutional “checks-and-balances” among those three, political, branches; “checks-and-balances” which were constitutionally designed to prevent this degeneration, and that were at least somewhat effective in doing so during the earlier phases of capital accumulation and capital ownership concentration.

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Like usual, I waited to the night before my mid-term to learn the entire course. I literally learned the whole course in about 5 hours of your videos, I don’t know how to thank you. Maybe I better wait till after the test tomorrow haha

The black guy with spectacles made the most sense

It bothers me that he’s a linguist but can’t pronounce Maori

Thanks for the video

Amazing video! I will share it with my students and friends.

Incoming swarm of viewers tonight

I hope Joe Abbott is a fake person…

It’s suppose to look like that

•If I decide to make my O’s look like hearts, have the dots on i’s look like hearts, and make my writing look a bit “lovey-dovey (I would say girly, but I know that that would trigger someone),” then I am thinking of my crush at the moment/in love.


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