Than you for your volunteer lessons

Nailed it

Bhaiya thank u… Soo much bahot accha gaya exam…. Shrif apke chakar mai…

Thank you for mentioning kids who had to wear masks because of us

If you’re still wavering about the intelligence of animals, re-examine the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that struck the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, and devastated Sri Lanka and many other nations. More than 200,000 humans died while animal corpses were nearly impossible to locate. If they weren’t caged up, animals took off before the disaster struck. Ravi Corea of the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society told Fox News, “There have been no reports of elephant carcasses, deer, leopards, black bears, sloth bears.” Fox also reported that Corea “drove through towns like Galle, which are full of stray animals, and ‘didn’t see any dead cows or goats.’ ” There’s no doubt that surviving animals were thinking: “With all your mathematical skills, extensive language and technology, you two-legged imbeciles didn’t know there was a 100-foot wave coming? Idiots!” And the animals weren’t being instinctive when they fled the scene before the tsunami hit. They were simply paying attention. They were aware of their surroundings, unlike the instinctive human robots who stroll this earth. When it comes to technology, humans are brilliant. When it comes to awareness, humans have the mental acuity of a dingleberry (dried piece of shit stuck to the hair surrounding an asshole). And when it comes to decency, humans are on par with viruses.

Issue redundancies.

And then people say that feminism is obsolete

A country should never be ruled by religion, because religion can’t be measured. Rules aren’t strictly followed

My English mock is in an hour lmao

“By the makers of Little Inferno”…. and I’m sold already.

Fucking dope! tomorrow got exam! found this! heaven! thanks alot

I didn’t understand this sentence ma’am.

But what does it tell about a GOP-and its voters – who hitch this uncouth horse to tow their waggon?

Be humble, sit down


Do more

1:06 Hey it’s Escalation from gears of war.

The choice of the background song, “time of your life”, is so appropriate considering that most of this Keynesian economics is based on J. M.’s premise: -“we are all dead in the long run.”

I live for these videos

You’re right, the “chest” is something I look at first. Am I right?



My gap year was the best decision ever even though it was a last minute decision!

Translative – To turn into something (fává – to turn into a tree)


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