1990 – You speak Clingon loooser hahaha!

What ever makes you happy just do its your life my love you live it how you want to live it!! Xx

Me and my twin invented a language when we were younger up until we were I believe 13 close to 14. Mk bye.-⭐

What about the dragon language from skyrim?

Looks around


All hail the Stiefvater!

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“Trump speaks like us”.. probably referring to midwestern/rural country folk as compared to coastal/urban city-dwellers…Trump doesn’t use academic vocabulary, uses exaggeration and hyperbole, and goes on tangents…

You were able to teach me in 6 minutes what my professor couldn’t in 3 hours.

Bless you, so helpful

Hey Vlogbrothers please check out the book, “Autism The Fight In Side,” Written by A. E. Bower. The book is about having Autism, and serving six years in prison for a robbery that the main character did not do. The book is a bio-pic Non-fiction. You can view the book at, and or buy the book for the listing price. Thank You.

Man this guy can spot any fucking sound

Im a giraffe do I get +69 privilege points plez dad

Adrienne is better

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The commentators enthusiasm alone makes me want this game. “throws money at monitor”

You shouldn’t have sped it up so much


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