Thank you so much this mesege make me change in my self

Anti business Liberal? God I hate USA use of the word Liberal.

I don’t know where I was going with this but if you could give my stream or my books a look I would be so happy. Check out my youtube channel it has all the links. Thank you.

I wonder if his son would’ve taken the language up fully if he was surrounded by Klingon speakers?

The closing point that retreads the common progressive refrain whereby anyone who finds outrage inspired by such ridiculous things as an “offensive” item of clothing to be “threatening” as opposed to simply being annoying couldn’t have been more condescending if you’d wrapped up by telling your audience which letter the show was brought to us by today.


If your income today is much the same as it was two years ago, then it will be the same two years from now if the paradigm doesn’t shift.


Big help. ive got an essay tomorrow so i will hopefully do well now thanks!

I’m listening to this just looking outside wondering about earth and space and it’s beauty

Logical and schematic

Sir plz suggest any good channel of accounts also

do you really think that a fat bastard like him could get into some sort of ritual in bohemian grover and film it, and later and all he is done is spread fear ===???!!

Amazing man

Good teachers

Thanks for this. also you have a really nice voice!

These students aren’t necessarily fact, it’s quite the opposite…they are doing whatever makes them happiest..and showing that the educational system of the present is just no longer relevant to them.

No I don’t agree with your list.

Awesome thanks

I would not per se say that it pleasure is the main point. The main problem is that it is a protective mechanism. It is a way that we were tought to understand the world. The need for catefoorization and the implied negative impacts (sexism, racism etc) is to keep power is structures alive. It is importat to emphasize that most of this is ‘just’ an automatic reaction that you were tought by your surroundings. That is no excuse but a way to make sense of the problem.

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