This video is inspiring.

Thx always helpful

Thanks for taking the time but…younger Students usually dont like when a teacher/ parents/ authority figure etc. behaves like them. why are you talking at 5000 mph?, do you need to go check your text messages and facebook?


Love these! Please continue to make tons of these!

I couldn’t watch this because the geek is super-annoying.

“Well, I’ve got some strong words for Mr. Clifford!”

Mr Bruff, my school is doing edexcel not aqa. Could you upload videos for edexcel or are they so similar that i can use your aqa videos to revise for edexcel. thanks

En español porfavor puede ser

Made me wanna thumbs down cuz of the hand exercise that I made me so angry i couldn’t do haha,

I’m fluent in french and English and I’m learning german and Spanish

Stop talking Drumpf. You talk like an idiot.

Because most of them cant explain like that,

These comments go to show how anger and bias completely blind people to the plain and simple truths of life. Whether you like him or not, Trump is not a dumb, unintelligent person. You don’t manage billions in wealth and become a president of a country like America by being ordinary or anything less. Please get through your heads that just because you hate someone it does not mean that they are incompetent and pathetic – it just means that you hate them.

Can u do the theory of demand and supply


I don’t care how you play this game, so long as you have fun, Jack. That seems to be exactly what you’re doing with every game. Also, thank you so much for playing a Wii U game 🙂

Beats cheap stories like harry potter

This video just made me respect the guy. People kept slamming him for raising the price on HIV meds, but he would literally give it away free for people who couldn’t afford it. It’s not like he is a trump supporter or anything, and he started from rags to riches – but people keep slamming him because he is a rich white guy. Fucking hell.

This really helped me with a end of year school trip for my class and I am really proud of my peice

If only all teachers were this enthusiastic about what they teach, it would be great.


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