Where’s Total Annihilation??

I actually love this show for its relatively unbiased outlook, though the Green’s probably think I’m an idiot because my main method of learning is long periods of speculation followed by looking to the powers that be to confirm or disprove it. I do this so that I can maintain the illusion of originality and better understand the speculations of scientists which are followed by research at which I am terrible and experiment which I do not have the resources to conduct.

You have accepted with out question the idea that our gender is socially conditioned. There is a contiuum but the distribution it is very, very, very bi-modal, ie male and female. Concepts of gender historically and culturally are very uniform. Eskimo’s and Australian Aborigonies have pretty much the same view on the issue. It is beyond belief that being bathed in testosterone from the womb onwards does not effect who we are.

Either way — love your vids!


How about Supcom3?

Does anyone have a link to the census data that he talked about at 13:48?

Xhosa has pretty much all these sounds, I’d maybe exclude the last one.

26:05 while you hide from it, it grows.


“But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep” – Robert Frost

Or joh kaam karnei sei achut kahtei hei toh woh kaam hei maat karo

If we don’t have a job, money wouldn’t need to exist, so a free world run by robots


It was great

A very patronising schoolmaster explanation of Foucault. Foucault was a genius. Read his work and you will never be the same again.

Great video! I am not empathetic to the misspelling of ‘civilization’ though!

13:17 Excuse me! In Viet Nam we have our own language. 60% of Chinese is totally a joke!

Omg… She has terrible skin.

Ma “am liz how many words a person maximum can use while writing task two


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