In some melodious plot


Love you girl

This is excellent! Thank you! Do you have the answers to all of these examples?

Do you accept kidneys? (I’m a broke student so I dont have cash)

The homosexual top as a broadly taken rule isn’t interested in mating with fullblown alpha-males,

One of the things that bothers me the most about DC’s color grading is the sky. The sky looks utterly unrealistic in every single movie they’ve made. Take a look at the scene in the new Justice League trailer where Aquaman is riding on top of the Batmobile. The sky looks ugly and the bad CGI makes the scene look even worse.

(Ooh give you up)

Trump is a national embarrassment!

What’s up with her saying “about” it’s a bit strange. lol

We construct the hypothetic with the conjunctive II of ‘tun’ instead of ‘werden’ => I would say = Isch däd sache = Ich würde sagen.

What is wrong with Humanity? Just look at some of the comments here. Giving your opinions and points of views is totally different from being DISRESPECTFUL TO ONE ANOTHER and POSTING YOUR COMMENTS IN A VULGAR AND RUDE MANNER. We as humans have become so desensitized to bad language, treating each other with disrespect and just bad behavior.

What a bunch of conjecture. This not how anyone I ever encountered in my personal life or 35 year career working with the public ever spoke. At best it mimics B movie dialogs.

Oh my lord… the way the guy said Afrikaans😂😂😂

Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns

My snapchat is : paigeprobert. x

Overall I think these differences are partly due to the old dialects but also just the normal distinction that happens in different towns. :’D


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