We want shlongs!

Lol I’d like to see more of this Interplanetary Warfare

Bro, she sounds like pam from the office but looks like john krasinski

RIP Joker.

I seen this video at school

I hate talking on the phone to somebody I don’t know in real life, it’s just one of those things in life I could do without.


Like a missing ingredient is added to a flopped cake after is was baked…

Yay robots!

Sir do u have accountancy for class 12 video?? if not than plzz plzz make..

Their ppl killed Muslims



Thanks for all your hard work on these fantastic videos. But students of economics would really appreciate more diagrams. What happened? You used a few in the early episodes but none recently. Why? It’s crucial for success in exams.

Thank you it’s helpful for my exam today

1 For what reasons does a language become global?

Thanks alot

My teacher’s been teaching it for 10 years and is an AP Grader…and he still sucks at teaching Econ. It’s horrific.

It’s as if they were instructed by someone, or maybe some Party Program:


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