Frankly, the guy is a menace and needs to get more in touch with the truly worrying state of the planet – we’re already in overshoot for a 3rd of the year while more than 50% of the people on the planet still aspire to higher living standards. Since we’ve grown from 4 billion to 7.2+ billion, we’ve wiped out 50% of all other species and currently wipe out around 200 species a year. And this while we’re still growing at 80 million a year and on track to top 11 billion with perhaps 12 countries free from conflict.

Dumbfounded PC Gamers will no doubt donate being amazed by the flashy graphics since that’s all they play games for. If they were console gamers who actually played games for what they were about then this kickstarter wouldn’t do shit.

Google will never be old fashioned it will update itself!!

So if the box is bigger, then there is more total revenue?

When intertextuality fails: batman vs. superman.

Hey Mr. Clifford just wanted to say thanks for your amazing teaching. I am a second degree student and passed the Macroeconomics CLEP with your Review Packet and videos. Thank you for putting out such a high quality product.

Happy 10 years

Bfme 2 is amazing

Who’s not looking forward to the 2017 english lit exams

GOD BLESS YOU. Keep posting, I will continue to learn even after my IELTS exams.

She is just as geeky as i am, but too awesome!!!


I don’t really get what’s hindering women from entering stem classes? What do you want people to do? Tell every woman I know she should’ve studied engineering? How about fields that are dominated by women? Is that sexist also?

I love how you make academics seem like a craft!

Help me.

I would love to see you active on /r/conlangs its a great conlanging community! maybe post this video there!

Yeah Economic growth happens because the central bank controls inflation. Gee if cavemen had only had central banks we would have advanced so much sooner. 🙄


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