Good Day?

Interesting, but the timeline is widely hypothetical

I think Rick’s “origin” story is true, but he is not above using sentimentality for some real revenge.

Don’t ever stop making stuff. Thank you.

Well explained the concept of recruitment and selection. These two are main elements for the growth of an organization.

According to Heritage foundation freedom index (in 2015)

Any Order of reading these that you would recommend? Please and thank you!

Even though you pointed it out. I don’t give a shit about colour grading still.

The Divine language from The Fifth Element is not just gibberish. If you watch the directors commentary version of the Ultimate Platinum edition, it’s stated that Mila and Luc Besson (Director) combined Russian and Latin to make the language and that they are both fluent in it and can converse with each other.

She’s horrible! she obviously loves fRump

In love with that striped shirt

Too Much Damm Talking, I almost fell asleep

Do car companies “steal” from one another when they invent the next incarnations of the vehicle?

Russian accent, Sean Connery in The Hunt For The Red October

Auditory Constructing


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