In Christ,

(on a larger scale, of course)

I wish I cared more when I was younger. Starting further education now.

Thank you!

So watch movies like star wars when Luke fights the empire


How much LCD do you think was used in the creation of this video?

How can you be so hot🔥

I appreciate your support, but let’s be straight. I’m never going be as successful as Bill Gates or Steve. Know why? because they are intelligent people. i don’t even know what investment is. I’m majoring in History but what the hell am i gonna do with that. Even i think it’s a bullshit subject.

“caste” did not originally exist in Ancient India, and was actually

10:23 , Bro’n those traps for the camera

This is really helpful, so if I analyse a quote in detail but don’t give another interpretation as there isn’t any, then can I still get an A.

This is amazing. Luther sums up my internal thoughts

I love your voice!

Furniture holy boyfriend representative traffic diet text not.

If it’s not. meaning, it’s someone’s reponsibilty to make sure that the trolley is properly working and I’m just appointed to drive it. I will let the trolley kill the five.

Duration : 1 month, Fees Rs.4000/-

He’s fucking corny, I know you all r really trying hard to have your Tarzan over the jungle but he is lame

Wait?! you were able to download this game on steam over the weekend? Fuuuuuck! I missed it and ive been waiting for this for so long :'(


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