Sir plsss post chapter 2 n really u r too gud

Didn’t know Uber Entertainment is based out in Kirkland. Im serious about this if Im ever in Washington again I will stop by and say whats up to everyone. Valve Studios in Kirkland too. Im older now and retired Im too old for video games like these first person shooters but you will still see me on the computer playing RTS games.

And his pronunciation of Indian terms is truly appalling. The wrong man for the job.

Make some bot to watch YouTube videos and save our time.

I thought this linguist was going to say something intelligent and I might learn something because I am somewhat an active student of linguistics. I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t learn anything because I learned this woman is a Rethuglican operative and tRump apologist.

We have unlocked the secret to infinite chocolate!!!

Got a 4, pretty sure FRQs screwed me, still, thats good enough for this class lol 😀

This is my AIT class from Ft. Jackson on this video!!

Before the qajar there was the zand dynasty. Karim khan zand was a noble king

I love all of these videos. They’re actually pretty amazing

انا دراي انكم بتقول وش يقول ذا بس يعني با الهندي لا كان انتو كمخه يعني انت دلخين شكلكم ما تدرون وش انا كتب مع السلامه

When has Jesus called himself God do not make lies about Jesus

This video was great. Thanks

He just says what fits in the tempo and the bars of the beat.

You don’t often hear “articulate” and “Boris Johnson” in the same sentence


Beethoven got mad skills.

I admit, To Kill A Mockingbird is a great book, but I hate that movie so~ much~.

No Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann? Not even as an honorable mention? Are you fucking kidding me?! Admit it, this video would more accurately be titled “Top 10 20th century novels we have movie clips for.”

Although, to be honest, I clicked on this video because it looked like Mark Cuban was going to teach me economics and I was confused…

Everytime a gay man is defined as queer,


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