I just interviewed someone and they were very cocky. Too cocky, so i said screw this guy, he aint hired. You dont want someone coming into a new company who believes they know it all

I can also write general sh** about strategic HR…this video was absolute crap..

You’re a wizard Harry.

Please can you do languages? I do french and spanish 🙂

“Western civ proves it”

What about porn?

Man, i really wanna put some powder on his face…

If we accept that, democracy is dead! it quite often happens that only a minority really knows what would be the best for a country, but inspite of knowing that we have to accept what the majority decides, we have to accept the outcome of elections!

I think we need to define the meaning of “learning languages”.

Movie at 5:05?

This is a life saver

That was really interesting. I’m glad I listened.

I live in Australia, and will soon have to pick a tertiary course in which I will study.


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