– Brave New World

This was so useful! everlasting thanks Jade

I would like study more for active voice

– However in the second scenario, you have the freedom to be a mute spectator and let Fate play its role. You do not want to unnecessary get forcibly involved and interfere with Karma of others or create your own Karma.

Part of why I Love the Kingkiller chronicles books is that Kvothe’s journey is nothing like this patern


Didn’t expect to love this series so much… but I do! Crash Course, you’ve really outdone yourself.

Having said that, give all media outlets a chance, check them for factuality, and know that they allways have a higher interest in mind.

Slaughterhouse five not an honorable mention?

This may be my favorite vid you’ve done. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Thanks for this video


And there is “Locative” for example, which is kinda strange. It’s not present in textbooks but now when I’m thinking about it… it’s really obligatory: Nominative ‘lyes’ [sounds close to English ‘less’ but with a softened L] – ‘forest’. But ‘in the forest’ – ‘V lyesU’ [sounding like ‘v leh-soo’]. None of the official six cases will sound normal here. Only this one. “The best of the worst” from the official cases would be Prepositional ‘V lyesye’, but it sounds really funny and unnatural.

Can I use glass instead of the polycarbonated sheet?

Kellyanne conway is actually a 16 year old who is working very hard attending AP classes in chemistry and biology – that’s what a year of defending Donald trump does to a women.😂

Bryan: say it again cool whip


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